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Why I Started Payback Picking

I never had an intention of becoming a consultant for people with their Sports betting, I come from an age when you did not advertise what you do especially when it comes to how much money you make. I am one of those people who never wanted to tell people my picks prior to a game because I always felt that I would be jinxing my selections; let alone someone else who has an opinion on something that can throw off your own thinking and ultimately end in a loss when you were 100% correct. 

After reading that first paragraph you’re probably wondering why this guy would start this business. I’ve had an idea for a long time that I could pick 13 games in a row starting off with a $100 wager and win 1 million dollars by going double or nothing with each bet. I had won that many games in the past in a row but never put the plan into action. Last year, I decided it was time. I started off with the $100 bet and won 11 in a row and won around $125,000. The numbers did not equate to exactly what I was thinking because I was capped by the Sports Gambling Ap I was using for winning too much so I could not double up more than $50,000 per game. With being capped it would have taken a considerable amount of more picks to hit the million-dollar mark, so I decided to cash out and take my winnings.

Upon this historic run I had a conversation with a few Sports Gambling Professionals and showed them my winning percentages with my 5 Star Special Selections and they were more than impressed. They netted a 16-1 record over the course of the NFL, NCAAF and NCAAM seasons. I was told a 57% winning percentage was outstanding and mine was considerably higher. One of the professionals wanted to hire me but I was never one who enjoyed working for others so I decided to start my own business where I can do things my way and only my way. 

The main reason I decided to start this on my own was to help people. Most people lose money when it comes to Sports Gambling, and I have a rare skill set that can help. I thought to myself that I can really help people make money. A lot of people have debt and if they can duplicate what I did by following my system this could be life changing for them. It could help people pay off loans and put a down payment on a house. Of course, I was thinking of the amount of money I can make with my system but that was not the main reason. I can always make money doing this myself, but I want to be a blessing to others and help them get their Pay-Back. Hence, Payback Picking was created.

Remember…“We Get Your Pay-Back”