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We Get Your Pay-Back

Born into a family where sports watching and wagering was as common as eating breakfast, Erik “Payback” Rovner began handicapping Sports games as early as 8 years old. With over 40 years’ experience his winning percentage is unheralded in a world where losing is the norm. His unrivaled 5-star special system netted a 16 – 1 record last year between the NFL and NCAAM seasons. He started off with a $100 wager turning it into over $100,000 in winnings by hitting 11 in a row and primarily doubling up. His winnings would have been far greater other than his wagers being capped by the sports ap he was using due to an excessive winning streak.

For the first time ever, he is offering his system amongst other tricks of the trade to the public. “I never intended to become a Sports Consultant but after experts showed me their winning percentage and I compared it to mine I realized that I may be the best person in the world at this and I love helping people” “One of the key’s of being a professional is managing your emotions and not betting just to bet, but when you know you have a winner go all in”. 

If you are sick and tired of throwing your money away allow me to help you and……

We Get Your Pay-Back!!!!