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Payback’s Pointers #2 – Only Bet When You Are Sure

One of the most common mistakes people make is to gamble all day every day because they are bored. I have fallen victim to this myself as well as every gambler in the world so don’t beat yourself up if this is you. If you are not interested in winning at a massively high percentage or gamble casually because it gives you some type of entertainment than by-all-means do this. Some people cannot watch a game if they do not have money on it. If you are one of these people, I would suggest betting smaller amounts on those type of games or if you cannot do that then I would suggest seeking professional help. 

When you like a game and feel confident about it up your wager or only wager when you have these types of games. That is how you can double up and make huge amounts of money on a minimal initial investment. As the dollar amounts grow, it is ok to take something off the top to ensure you don’t win a bunch of games in a row and then lose it all back in 1 game. This takes a stronger stomach, but your profits can be life changing when you do this. I understand that non-professionals are not comfortable doing this because they do not have the confidence in what they are picking. This is where my 5-Star Specials and Let It Ride Systems merge and come into play. Last year I went 16-1 in these types of bets. Obviously, they do not happen every day or every week for that matter but if your goals are to make huge amounts of money doing this then This Is the Way!!! (Mandalorian).

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