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Payback’s Pointers #1 – Control Your Emotions

Many people ask me all the time how I can do what I do. I would say the number one reason is experience. I was born into a family where Sports Gambling was more common than eating breakfast. I have over 40 years’ experience doing this which means I started when I was 8 years old. I do not condone teaching your 8-year-old child about gambling so he can build up years of experience, but this was my life. I will do a series of articles in which I will give you a pointer that can help you become a more successful Sports Handicapper.

First off you need to control your emotions. This is easier said than done because during the duration of a game there are so many ups and downs that cause your heart rate to accelerate. Take a deep breath, leave the room, take a shower, play with your kids, take a walk, do whatever you need to do to calm down. I used to say the best way to gamble is too not watch the game and just get the final score. I do not believe this anymore now with all the in-game betting. You can hedge your bets effectively and win both ways by watching the games and getting a feel for what is going on and play the numbers if you know what you are doing. If you do not know what you are doing you can make a winning pick into a losing pick. This is an advanced way of wagering. Remember a game is not over until it is over. It does not matter if you were winning by 20 points in a basketball game in the first quarter, the final score is all that matters (unless you are wagering on quarters or half games). Do Not let those emotions of a tough loss dictate what you do with your next bet. Everyone who watches sports knows the best players are the ones with short memories. If they mess up a play or the entire game, they do not let it carry over to the next game. Same thing with sports wagering. 

If you cannot do this, I would strongly recommend not gambling at all.

Additional Pointer

When it comes to hedging a bet there are is a specific science with multiple ways to do this effectively depending on your goal that I would be more than happy to reveal to you during a one-on-one consultation. Click on the consultation link to set up an appointment.

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